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Engagement Through Feedback and Choice

Join Kelli Merrill-Topliff, an elementary PE teacher, as she unveils a powerful method for boosting student engagement. By focusing on perceived competence through specific feedback and choice-based learning, this approach

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Asking Open-Ended Questions

In this video, Dr. Susan Hawkins introduces the impactful instructional practice of asking open-ended questions. This approach encourages deeper thinking among students by placing value on their ideas and fostering

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The One-Pager Activity

Jenée Fawson, a Spanish teacher, introduces “The One-Pager,” a versatile teaching tool. It’s a single-page activity where students visually summarize key lesson concepts using symbols and words. This strategy works

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Classroom Management In Secondary Grades

Christine Ybarra, a teacher leader with the California Reading and Literature Project, offers valuable classroom management tips for secondary classrooms. She stresses the importance of clear expectations, engaging introductions, and

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The Raffle Ticket Activity

Explore the fantastic Raffle Ticket Activity with Katie Martel, an Education Specialist and eighth-grade math teacher. Discover this powerful positive behavior management strategy that can transform your classroom. Katie shares

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Build Rapport at the Door

Ashlee Lidyoff, an academic coach, shares the impactful strategy of “Building Rapport at the Door.” Greeting students by name as they enter your classroom fosters a positive and supportive learning

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Possible Sentences

Join Emily Yamasaki, an instructional coach, in discovering “Possible Sentences,” an engaging pre-reading strategy suitable for grades 2 to 8. This no-prep approach helps students predict content and activate prior

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Reading Like an Actor

Discover an exciting reading strategy with Judy Garey, an author and theater professor from Ventura College. Inspired by acting techniques, this approach delves into character evidence and biographies, bringing literature

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The Writing Roadmap

Explore “The Writing Roadmap” with Margit Boyesen, a second-grade teacher from Cardiff Elementary in Cardiff, California. This powerful tool guides students through the writing process, from drafts to revisions. Whether

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Unleash the potential of “Think-Pair-Share” with Jan Ferrer, a seasoned teacher and consultant. This dynamic routine amps up class discussions, promoting active engagement, collaboration, and critical thinking. Jan’s approach adapts

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Fun Visual Math Puzzles

Join Cassandra Hayes, a math teacher in Fortuna Elementary School District, Fortuna, California, and a teacher consultant for the Redwood Writing Project, as she introduces an exciting math lesson to

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Four Corners

Discover the “Four Corners” activity with teacher leader Jennifer Schafran. This versatile classroom technique encourages active engagement and builds trust and community. It can be a quick five-minute exercise or

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Counting in a Circle (Sparkle)

Learn the engaging “Counting in a Circle” or “Sparkle” activity from teacher leader Kara Holtzman. This versatile routine is perfect for practicing counting and can be adapted for all elementary

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Did You Know That…?

Robin Walker, an educator from the Santa Maria-Bonita School District, shares the “Did You Know That..?” activity, a powerful tool for connecting with students from second grade to high school.

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See, Mean, Matter

Chris Lewis, an educator at Mountain View High School in El Monte, introduces the “See, Mean, Matter” strategy for analyzing political cartoons. This approach guides students through three steps: understanding

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Listening Word Games

Julie Kanel, a reading specialist, shares three interactive “Listening Word Games” for young learners, promoting phonemic awareness. These games, suitable for grades TK to 2, help improve students’ reading and

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Sentence Stretchers

Kate Bowen, an experienced Elementary Consultant, shares an effective strategy called “Sentence Stretchers” to enhance students’ writing skills. Using four sentence strips labeled A, B, C, and D, students construct

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Managing Classroom Noise Levels

Maria Montes Clemens, an elementary school Spanish teacher at Prospect Sierra, shares three classroom management strategies to help you create an orderly learning environment: the “Voice-O-Meter”, the “Give Me Five”,

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Ask Small Questions First

Kyle Dimla, a high school environmental science and
biology teacher, shares how he generates engagement and discussion in the classroom by asking small questions and using the see, think, and

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Three Reads Protocol

Gloria Hurtado, 8th grade math teacher at Hillsborough Junior High School, tells us how to utilize the “Three Reads Protocol” to help students better understand what a math word problem

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Middle School P.E.

Kimberly Steffen shares best practices and tips for anyone wishing to teach Middle School P.E. (This is the third video of the four-part Physical Education video collection.)

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Elementary School P.E.

Danielle Della Gala shares best practices and tips for anyone wishing to teach Elementary School P.E. (This is the second video of the four-part Physical Education video collection.)

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Teaching Physical Education

Terry Piper kicks off the four-part Teaching Physical Education video series by sharing best practices and tips for anyone wishing to teach P.E. in schools.

For tips specific to Elementary,

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