High School

Experienced educators share short videos with effective strategies for anyone teaching or wishing to teach high school classes.

Four Corners

Discover the “Four Corners” activity with teacher leader Jennifer Schafran. This versatile classroom technique encourages active engagement and builds trust and community. It can be a quick five-minute exercise or an extended lesson based on debatable statements. Watch your students discuss, listen, and even change their minds while making learning interactive and enjoyable.

Did You Know That…?

Robin Walker, an educator from the Santa Maria-Bonita School District, shares the “Did You Know That..?” activity, a powerful tool for connecting with students from second grade to high school. In this simple exercise, students write freely in small notebooks, sharing thoughts, concerns, or experiences. The teacher responds, fostering open communication and building trust. It’s about giving students a voice and nurturing meaningful connections in the classroom.

Chris Lewis

See, Mean, Matter

Chris Lewis, an educator at Mountain View High School in El Monte, introduces the “See, Mean, Matter” strategy for analyzing political cartoons. This approach guides students through three steps: understanding the historical context, dissecting artistic techniques, and deciphering the cartoon’s message. This strategy enhances media literacy by helping students decode visual messages.

Name Games

Maria Montes Clemens shares three name learning games to help you create relationship with students and improve classroom management. In this video, you will learn about the “Name and Personal Attribute Cards”, “How to Syllable Out Your Name With an Action Game”, and the “Circle Name Memory Game” strategies.

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