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Engagement Through Feedback and Choice

Join Kelli Merrill-Topliff, an elementary PE teacher, as she unveils a powerful method for boosting student engagement. By focusing on perceived competence through specific feedback and choice-based learning, this approach fosters intrinsic motivation and enthusiasm across all grade levels and subjects. Don’t miss the chance to revolutionize your teaching methods.

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Supporting Mental, Emotional, and Social Health – Elementary School

Discover practical strategies from teacher leader Daniele Della Gala to support elementary students’ mental and emotional health. Learn how to help them understand and manage their emotions while fostering valuable social skills. These methods are adaptable from kindergarten to grade five. Enhance your students’ emotional awareness and empower them to thrive in both school and life. Watch now for actionable insights.

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Supporting Mental, Emotional, and Social Health – Middle School

Savannah Linhares, a middle school science teacher and mental health advocate, presents a proactive approach to nurturing students’ mental well-being in this video. Emotional awareness is emphasized, along with practical exercises like ‘The Mood Meter’ for students to regulate their emotions. The video underscores the benefits of this approach for both students and educators.

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Asking Open-Ended Questions

In this video, Dr. Susan Hawkins introduces the impactful instructional practice of asking open-ended questions. This approach encourages deeper thinking among students by placing value on their ideas and fostering their capacity to build knowledge.

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Using Jamboard to Build Rapport with Students

Monica Galvan, a bilingual teacher, shares effective techniques using Jamboard, a free digital whiteboard tool. Her strategies apply to all grade levels and subjects, promoting engagement, check-ins, collaborative projects, and well-being assessments. Monica offers practical guidance for educators looking to improve teacher-student interactions.

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