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Teaching Physical Education

Terry Piper kicks off the four-part Teaching Physical Education video series by sharing best practices and tips for anyone wishing to teach P.E. in schools.

For tips specific to Elementary, Middle, and High School, watch the other videos in the collection.

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High School P.E.

Terry Piper shares best practices and tips for anyone wishing to teach High School P.E. (This is the fourth video of the four-part Physical Education video collection.)

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Name Games

Maria Montes Clemens shares three name learning games to help you create relationship with students and improve classroom management. In this video, you will learn about the “Name and Personal Attribute Cards”, “How to Syllable Out Your Name With an Action Game”, and the “Circle Name Memory Game” strategies.

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Fractions Strips

Lori Fury, math teacher in Western Placer Unified School District, tells us how to use the “Fraction Strips” activity to help students build their understanding of what a fraction is and how various fractions compare to one another.

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Stand and Talk

Sumita Jaggar, teacher leader with the Monterey Bay Area Math Project, tells us how to use the “Stand and Talk” activity to engage students in conversations about math concepts or ideas that provide them with enough base understanding to tackle a problem.

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Guided Inquiry

Ashley Hill, high school biology and chemistry teacher at Fullerton Union High School, tells us how to use the “Guided Inquiry” process as an engaging way to introduce a new topic and promote higher-level thinking.

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