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Sentence Stretchers

Kate Bowen, a retired Elementary teacher, shows us how to apply “Sentence Stretchers” to help students add detail and variety to even the most basic of sentences.

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Managing Classroom Noise Levels

Maria Montes Clemens, an elementary school Spanish teacher at Prospect Sierra, shares three classroom management strategies to help you create an orderly learning environment: the “Voice-O-Meter”, the “Give Me Five”, and the “Classroom Bell”.

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Ask Small Questions First

Kyle Dimla, a high school environmental science and
biology teacher, shares how he generates engagement and discussion in the classroom by asking small questions and using the see, think, and wonder framework.

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Three Reads Protocol

Gloria Hurtado, 8th grade math teacher at Hillsborough Junior High School, tells us how to utilize the “Three Reads Protocol” to help students better understand what a math word problem is asking them to do.

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