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Before, During, After

Evy Baca, kindergarten teacher in the National School District, tells us how to incorporate the “Before, During, and After” activity when doing a read aloud to build students’ vocabulary and support their reading comprehension.

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I Notice, I Wonder

Betsy Hall, K-5 reading specialist at Albert Einstein Academy Charter Elementary School, tells us how to apply the “I Notice, I Wonder” strategy to help teachers make a read aloud more interactive, meaningful, and engaging for students.

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Fist to Three

Celia De La Loza, TK-5 teacher at Valencia Academy of the Arts, tells us how to apply the simple “Fist to 3” strategy to help teachers quickly gauge student understanding across any content area or activity.

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Beginning, Middle, End

Martha Garcia Gallaga, TK English teacher at Las Palmas Elementary School, tells us how to use the “Beginning, Middle, and End” activity after a read aloud to help TK-1st grade students retain information about the characters and events in the story.

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Concept Circles

Chris Mullin, high school history teacher in the Santa Ynez Valley Union High School District, tells us how to leverage the “Concept Circles” activity to help students communicate their understanding of key words and concepts, and how their selected terms relate to a larger theme.

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WOW (Word of the Week)

Kate Bowen, retired elementary school teacher for the Davis Joint Unified School District, tells us how to use the “WOW (Word of the Week)” activity to channel students’ creativity in learning new vocabulary and developing their writing skills.

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