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Partner Talk: “I am, I Can”

Valerie Sun, teacher specialist at Glendale Unified School District, tells us how to apply the “Partner Talk” strategy to help students practice using instructional language to talk about themselves in a low stakes environment.

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Exit Tickets

Kim Guadagnoli, theater teacher at Grand Terrace High School, tells us how to use the “Exit Ticket” strategy to help students review and reflect on their learning.

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Name Acrostic

Name Acrostic: Nancy Perez, Spanish teacher at El Diamante High School, tells us how to use the “Name Acrostic” activity to encourage students to talk about and share their identity in a creative way.

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Interactive Read-Aloud

Dr. Liliann Patterson, third grade teacher at Westmorland Union Elementary, tells us how to use the “Interactive Read-Aloud” activity to help students learn, use, and practice new language through meaningful conversations.

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Summarizing with the ABCs

Janine Campos, language arts specialist in the National School District, tells us how to use the “Summarizing with the ABCs” activity to help students identify and differentiate between the minor and major details of a text.

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ABCs for Positive Classroom Management

Janice Anderson, a primary grade resource teacher at Encanto Elementary School, tells us how to apply the “ABCs for Positive Classroom Management” strategies to create a safe learning environment that allows for students and teachers to interact and engage in a positive way.

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